Thursday, 21 November 2013

Code Editor

An advanced text editing software that is specifically designed to aids the programmer/developer to write/edit source code and  perform special checks on the source code in a certain programming language. It makes it convenient for the development process by providing a way to run interpreters, translators, compilers, debuggers and other software development programs. It may be a stand-alone application or built into an Integrated Development Environment(IDE). One of the advantages as a programmer when using the  code editor is syntax highlighting, auto-complete feature, formatting of code blocks(indenting), etc. Most popular and well-known IDEs ;-
  • Notepad++(Windows) - Can write/edit very many programming languages.
  • NetBeans(UNIX, Windows)
  • Eclipse(UNIX, Windows)
  • IntelliJ IDEA(UNIX, Windows, Mac OS)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio(Windows)


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